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Great Views
Great Views
Great Views

Offers carefully prepared alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to you, our valuable guests. If you like dancing and having fun, the perfect ambiance of the main bar will be the right choice for you. Our bar personnel is professional and caring, and will make sure that you enjoy your vacation.

This is our specially decorated bar where you will meet Club Orka Hotel's professional staff as you come into the hotel. The Lobby Bar serves our guests during day and night, and you can watch live sports games from time to time. You can sit at the comfortable sofas by the reception and enjoy your pre-dinner cocktails here.

Located by the fun Water-Slide Dolphin pool, the Holiday Snack Bar combines the joys of eating and the joys of the pool, and offers food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails throughout the day. At the Holiday Snack Bar you can enjoy famous Turkish dishes, döner kebab, Turkish and English breakfast, gözleme, hamburgers and similar snacks.

Located by the Lagoon Pool, this bar will keep you from the burning heat of the summer and help you enjoy the pool and your beverage at the same time. Lagoon Bar offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails throughout the day.

It is ideal for our guests who like to enjoy dancing and drinks in a disco setting. Lykia Night Bar's personnel is professional and caring and they will offer you the best service to help you enjoy your vacation.

Located at the health club, the Vitamin Bar offers fresh and healthy beverages from the very bosom of nature. Drink to your health at the Vitamin Bar.

Our 4-star hotel Club Orka Hotel & Villas is located in Ovacık. The hotel is 6 km from Fethiye, which is famous for its historical buildings and magnificent gulf, 700 m from the bustling streets of Hisarönü, and 4 km from Turkey's most popular and best known beach, Ölüdeniz. It sits on 20.000 m2 of land.

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