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Great Views
Great Views

Karagözler most well-known beaches around Fethiye Calis and beaches. Calis beach of the bay off the road (5 km) narrow sand. Which is suitable for wind surfing as well. 4 km away from the beach, bus and minibus services and regular and very frequent. A large number of road and along the beach hotels ranked. Restaurants, bars and shops there too. The beach was a nomad tent. Disappearance Nomad verge of culture, cuisine was good to introduce.

Attention 1. and 2. Karagözler beaches in Fethiye counted. Even in windy weather, to swim in the sea of ??non-volatile multi-appropriate. The boathouse facilities by the municipality allows for all kinds of water sports. Fethiye the immediate vicinity there are many other beach. Kıdrak and Belceğiz Oludeniz beaches are only a knows. Ölüdeniz in Turkey but around the world, Turkey is considered one of the symbols of tourism.

Blue is one of the popular destinations for travel and daily trips to the Citrus Spring Bay can be reached by road. Kalemya sheep, sheep, hills west of the citrus Citrus Spring surrounded by trees. Fishing in the bay with fresh water dispenser, known as Osman's Place shabby have installations. Bay those branches collect fresh fruits and vegetables, fish tables... Kızılada : sunset, the sand and gravel was so named because of the reddish discoloration.

No structure other than a lighthouse on the island. Anchor is off the east coast wave and suitable for swimming. Deliktas Island: Kızılada of large and small islands in the northwest. Who want to dive these islands prefer the most.

Our 4-star hotel Club Orka Hotel & Villas is located in Ovacık. The hotel is 6 km from Fethiye, which is famous for its historical buildings and magnificent gulf, 700 m from the bustling streets of Hisarönü, and 4 km from Turkey's most popular and best known beach, Ölüdeniz. It sits on 20.000 m2 of land.

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